How technology influences parenting younger kids:

and college age kids:–cutting-the-electronic-umbilical-cord

and using a new app to keep tabs on your latch-key kids:

And another app that makes checking in with parents a game for kids:

and wireless companies have agreed to send alerts to customers that are at risk of being hit with overage charges, so parents of teenagers who routinely go over their wireless plan limit can be made more aware of their kids’ phone use:

A recent study by Verizon Wireless found that the average age at which parents buy their children cell phones is 11.6 years old. Ninety-five percent do so for safety reasons and to ensure they can reach their children anytime. But the study also found that 20 percent of parents have not set up rules for kids’ wireless usage, and that 20 percent have not discussed topics such as inappropriate texts, privacy, phone etiquette or the importance of not texting while driving:

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