I just finished reading the book by Daniel Gilbert. While I firmly enjoyed reading it, let me say this much: this book is not for everyone. The basic notion of the book is too look at why we are such poor predictors of our own happiness. This book explores how what we think will make us happy does not feel like we thought it would, and how is it that we do not learn from that.

The book uses a good balance of humor and a casual tone to make what could be an abstract and heady discussion fun and enjoyable. While perhaps not ‘light summer reading’ I definitely found it thought provoking, and at times funny. However, the author pulls no punches in teasing apart the lies we tell ourselves. He looks at typical biases, common misconceptions and assumptions, errors in judgment, subjectivity in perception and memory, unrealistic expectations, and even outright self-delusions. He humbly admits that he is as susceptible to these errors as anyone else.

So if you are the kind or person who is unsettled by having your worldview questioned, you may not enjoy this book. If, on the other hand, you can tolerate or even like the opportunity to expand your understanding of your own perceptions, and how they shape your experiences, then I would highly suggest this book.

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