There are 2 ways that we all can cause our own suffering:

1) You hold onto what you expected or hoped for, and resist what is the reality in front of you.

2) When your choices or behavior and your values are not aligned, and you disapprove of your own actions.


Logically, to reduce your own suffering:

1) Accept what is happening, even if it is not fair, and let go of what you were expecting.

2) Consider your choices and actions, and measure them by the values that you believe in.


* * * *

Most human suffering comes from frustration and attachment to what isn’t so, instead of accepting what is.



* * * *


Don’t over-identify with your ideas or your things. The idea is not you, and you are not the idea. Then if someone disproves your idea, you have no need to defend it.


* * * *

Difficult people are more difficult to tolerate because you expect them not to be difficult.  If you accept and expect them to be who they are, then it is not such a rude surprise when they are difficult.


* * * *


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